DiscordVideoFit Plugin v.1.0.2

What is it?

There are some negative things when you're using video chat in Discord:
  1. If you change a focused window, Discord window will hide.
  2. You can't change the minimum size of Discord window.
  3. There are a lot of control buttons and elements when you're on a video call.
This plugin will fix all of these issues.

Installation guide

  1. Download the latest version of the DiscordVideoFit plugin installer by the link: VideoFitInstaller
  2. Run the downloaded file. The window with steps to installation will be open.
    • The first step is to install AlwaysOnTop Utility to move a window always on top in Windows OS. Press "Download and Open Archive" button to install it. You can install it manually by link https://img.labnol.org/di/always-on-top.zip You will see the DI icon in the system tray after running it.. If you want to put a window on top, you will focus on it and press Space + Ctrl. You can change this combination in program settings.
    • The second step is to install the BetterDiscord. It is special tool expanding Discord to install custom plugins and themes. You can install it by pressing "Download and Install" button or by link near it https://github.com/rauenzi/BetterDiscordApp/releases. After running Discord with installed BetterDiscord you will see Plugins / Themes / Custom CSS menu items in program settings.
    • The third step is to install the plugin. You can press "Download and Install" for it. Also, you can download it manually by link https://pavel-orlov.com/Discord/Plugins/1.0.2/videoFit.plugin.js and move plugin into BetterDiscord plugins folder.
    • The fourth step is to make the Discord window resizable and set the minimum size of it smaller. You can press "Clear" button and "Apply" for it. The minimum size of the window will set to zero.

How to use?

After successfully instalation, you will see the new button near window control buttons (minimize, maximize and close) If you press on it when you're on a call, the videofit mode will be activated. The videofit button will change own color to red.
If you press it again, the videofit mode will be deactivated.